Dr. V V HaraGopal

Chief Consultant - Statistics (PhD), Analytics

Our key strength is our Leadership experience across all key areas of Business, including Strategy, Solution Design & Delivery, Client Service, Quality, and Operational Excellence. We leverage deep and wide networks with industry experts and organizations across the spectrum to deliver best-in-class consulting services. We bring to the fore our value added expertise in serving as Coach and Mentor to leaders, teams and professionals. 

Our Purpose : Empowering Businesses and Ideas


Vijay Prasad 

Chief Consultant - Leadership Excellence

Dr. K  Chandrabhushan

Chief Consultant - Analytics(PhD), Technology

Customer First: Deliver exceptional value to the customer with a focus on enabling their long-term success.
People Power: Propose, design and develop solutions that harness the power of people to exceed limits and make a tangible difference.

Innovation: Keep Innovation at the center of all our solutions and make it a driver of professional & leadership excellence, business growth and operational efficiency.

Ethics: Conduct our business with the highest standards of ethics, transparency and integrity.

Passion: Bring to our work and relationships a true sense of enthusiasm and energy, along with genuine interest in making our customers exceptionally successful.

Community: Contribute to the growth and development of the practice of management, leadership development and business strategy in a positive and meaningful way.

Our core values

Ravindra Penmatsa

Dr. Ravindra Penmatsa

Chief Consultant -

Coaching (ICF),  PhD (Well-being)

Our strength

​We are an organization of seasoned, reputed business leaders with an exceptional track record in designing processes, managing complex, global client engagements, leading & motivating cross-functional, cross-border teams, influencing change, and transforming enterprises. We provide management consulting, technology consulting, and executive coaching & mentoring services that are rooted in strategic thinking, backed by industry insight and driven through vast, global experience.