Thinking DATA as a product will help the organizations to benefit  from Analytics and Artificial Intelligence initiatives. Think about Data first to design any application or a product. All the stakeholders will be interested in the prescriptive actions rather than just   data insights. Accuracy of enterprise performance measures that includes product, process, people, and society (environment), is the critical success factor for any organization.   

Acumentor brings in right expertise to support the clients on Data Architecture, and Data management initiatives,  measures and metrics.


Small, Medium, and Startups are prone to VUCA challenges. We believe  that an outside perspective and continuous feedback   are the key things to effectively manage the challenges.

Many startups struggle to scale up after a successful quick wins. Execution excellence is very important to win investor's confidence and get funding. "Change" is inevitable for the organizations and it requires interventions periodically by the experts. 

Innovation is expected to be a culture in any organization which leads to disruptive ideas in Business model, Product,Technology, and Process.

If we can not measure something which is important to an organization then the outcomes will be inconsistent and unpredictable 

Acumentor  brings in right  expertise to support the clients on Business , Product, and Cloud innovation.  

In current day business, where a leader wears several hats in a day, the significance of executive coaching and mentoring for senior executives, especially from the external world, cannot be overstated. Receiving coaching from outside the organization for senior professionals makes a tangible impact because it helps them identify blind spots, gain new perspectives, move beyond comfort zones, and challenge the status quo. Acumentor offers coaching & mentoring for experienced and aspiring leaders through custom programs. .

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As globalization, technology and changing talent dynamics impact businesses in myriad ways, leaders and enterprises across industries face new challenges to sustaining growth, avenues to create value, and opportunities to tap the potential within. Acumentor focuses on an integrated approach to designing and delivering solutions that empower businesses to (a) exceed, (b) consistently stay one step ahead in the journey of growth, excellence and transformation, and (c) lead the change than be driven by it.

Business Transformation initiatives need to deliver right benefits to all the stakeholders. All the IT touch points  must deliver value to the customers. ITSM / ITIL practices along with  COBIT, Agile and Devops, and  Lean adaptation  will help the organizations to achieve ROI of Business transformation.

 Acumentor brings in right expertise to support the clients on ITSM / ITIL, COBIT, Agile and Devops, Lean initiatives.

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Analytics and Machines learning initiatives in any organization involve large investments. For the CxOs achieving ROI  will be a big challenge keeping in view the business  dynamics.

We recommend a thorough  validation  of Analytics investments. Acumentor provides Analytics Consultancy to  the clients to improve the ROI and achieve the desired outcomes. 

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